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Case Studies

Cheaper. Shorter. More attendance.

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(1) We believe hiring talented engineers is priceless. That’s why 1500 scored assessments are $349 at Coensio. It would cost thousands of dollars at other companies.
(2) We only charge our clients for scored candidates. Let’s say, you send 500 assessments to candidates but one is solved. We only charge $0.89 for it. In other companies, it would be around 500 assessments’ price.
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How Coensio Works?



In Coensio platform anyone can create an assessment link to use as the apply link in sourcing platforms such as LinkedIn by choosing the job description.

Every applicant goes through the evaluation of Coensio. This assessment consist of different types of questions about one or more software languages according to the job title.


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After the assessment period coensio scores all the applicants in different aspects with its unique algorithm and awards a general point for each.

So, the HR team pr technical personnel get a very good filtered shortlist to interview or sending case studies, which prevents these people from wasting too much time on the eliminated candidates.



What Differs in Coensio?


Affordable Price

Affordable enough to send to all the applicants


Short Time

The assessment takes 20 minutes at most and it provides a very high attend and completion ratio


Great Evaluation

Different types of questions about diverse software languages and skills according to job title

Coensio pre-qualification platform focuses on screening process with a short and affordable assessment approach. It replaces not the case studies or complex technical assessments but the time and effort of your HR and technical teams to provide a better shortlist for interviewing phase.