Pubinno reduces screening duration to 1 day from 17 days with Coensio.
Aug. 20, 2021 at 4:17 p.m. GMT
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Necdet Alpmen

CTO at Pubinno

"Coensio helped us to catch the right candidates at the first phase. Normally we couldn't pick these candidates because of the lack of assessment in the screening step. They also helped us to save 90% of our time because we would look at candidates who can't do the job technically."

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Pubinno, Inc. is a San Francisco-based technology company with its smart solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Platforms, and Robotics builds the Internet of Beer. They have served 21.000.000 pints as of 20th of August, 2021.

The challenge

We didn’t have a HR Department at Pubinno because we’re a fast-growing SMB within Europe and couldn’t find a time to establish it. That’s why, I personally look at resumes and ask our office assistant to arrange a phone call with candidates I prefer to interview.

Since we hire for an IoT company, we receive a very large number of candidate applications for our open roles.That’s why, it was consuming my time when I was supposed to handle technical jobs in my company.

I spent almost 15 minutes reviewing every resume after the candidate applied for the job.

As a hiring manager, finding a good engineer with a good culture fit was extremely crucial for me.

The solution

Coensio set up assessments for screening the resumes and provided good fit candidates to the CTO. Each assessment included coding, what is and multiple choice questions.

After the candidates applied for the job, they received a link including the assessment instantly and kindly be asked to complete the test which is around 15 minutes. Coensio caught the candidates who can do the job technically and Necdet didn’t look at every resume.

“As a hiring manager, I was very happy with the candidates I interviewed. They had a good score and they were talented. Before using Coensio, it was too hard to find candidates like them. Coensio saved thousands of minutes and I focused on my own business.”


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