Learn how Coensio optimize your screening

Short but effective pre-assessments

Coensio pre-assessments are about 20 minute long to increase take rate and consists of three types of questions;

- Coding
- Free text (scoring using NLP)
- Multi select

Hiring assistance based on industry benchmarks

Coensio compares the scores of your top candidates with top candidates from similar companies, giving you recommendations such as moving forward in the process or waiting for more applications.

Compatible with every ATS and sourcing platform

Coensio is already integrated with various talent platforms as well as some ATS solutions. For those without an ATS, we threw-in a basic pack to filter as well

Learn how Coensio works.

Collect application via Sourcing Platforms

There is nothing to change in your sourcing process, you can go on sourcing candidates from all the sourcing platforms either with your ATS or using the external link provided by Coensio


Assessments mails sent automatically

Emails go automatically to all applicants to let them know your company is inviting them to a short pre-assessment.

Candidates solve the assessment

Our 20 minutes pre-assessments have 80% take rate at least. Thanks to the short time, candidates do not drop, so you do not miss any candidates.


Continue the process with high score candidates

After you get the scores for all, all you need to do is to continue the hiring process with these technically good candidates either with a technical interview or a case study or a coding challenge. Coensio will also increase the efficiency you get from these methods.

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