GittiGidiyor implemented Coensio for their screening phase of hiring funnel
Aug. 22, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. GMT
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Renin Karmona

HRBP at GittiGidiyor

"With Coensio, we hired one of the most talented employees in our company. In our previous hiring process, we would eliminate this candidate because there was no chance to pre-assess candidates technically. We're very happy working with Coensio and recommend any company that hires for technical roles."

8900-minutes-saved 8900-minutes-saved 8900-minutes-saved

GittiGidiyor, a subsidiary of eBay, is a Turkish e-shopping marketplace offering a wide range of products.

The challenge

The solution

Why Coensio, not others:

We picked the correct test for our position in Coensio's library and set it up triggered by an application to our job posting on Linkedin.

Coensio was the only tool that focused on the screening process with a very high test taking rate with a short test duration and qualified questions.

Other assessments' duration was around 90 minutes and there was a very high drop rate. In comparison, Coensio's tests were more affordable and had a very high completion rate.

We are very satisfied with the services, and want to move to a multi-year contract.”


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