Coensio is specifically designed to replace CV screening

Screening is the longest and most inefficient part of the recruitment funnel. It is very difficult to look at all CVs and it is also very difficult to get an idea about someone by looking at a piece of paper. Coensio replaces this part of the funnel by pre-assessing all the applicants and creating a shortlist among all of them.

Our Difference

High take rate
Position based

Why you should use Coensio?

Catch the potential

CV screening is a huge waste of time, so most recruiters filter candidates by school or company, causing many technically good candidates to be overlooked.

Coensio captures real talents by sending pre-assessments to all applicants.

Reduce time to hire

In the old-fashioned recruitment process, candidates are not considered technically until the technical interview. That's why technical interviews often fail and the process goes back to the beginning again and again.

With Coensio, only technically good candidates move on to the next stages. Thus, the recruitment process proceeds without interruption.

Bias-free hiring

Screening process is always full of cognitive biases because what you can say about a person by looking at a piece of paper is very limited.

Coensio's technical competency-based assessments give everyone an equal chance.

Better candidate experience

In many recruitment processes, candidates are not aware of why they are or are not shortlisted.

With Coensio's technical assessment everyone has the chance to prove him or herself.

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