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Pre-screen Tech candidates at the beginning of your recruitment funnel for faster time-to hire and for easier spotting of hidden gems in your talent pool.
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Assessments under 20mins , not hours

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Tech recruiters can single-handedly pick talent based on scores and involve other parties with focused for faster evaluation rather than multi-party, inefficient screening processes.

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Through less-than-20 minute, affordable assesments of multiple choice, coding skills and freetext questions combined, Coensio places  assesment phase at initiation of your recruitment funnel.

How Coensio works?

Coensio pre-assess all the candidates in simple 4 steps. All you need to do is following these steps to unlock the potentials with a very little effort.

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Already integrated with every ATS and sourcing platforms

Coensio is already integrated with various talent platforms as well as some ATS solutions. For those without an ATS, we threw-in a basic pack to filter as well

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Reduced time to hire by up-to 90%

Coensio enabled us pinpoint relevant talent right away. This way, we saved  the time allocated to mismatches resulting in a reduction of ime-to-hire by up to 90% .

Necdet Alpmen
CTO, Pubinno

We hired the hidden gem

We hired one of our most talented employees with the help of Coensio. The candidate could easily have been eliminated in a traditional recruitment flow. Coensio helps us spot the hidden gems. We're very happy working with Coensio and recommend any company that hires for technical roles

Renin Karmona
HRBP, Gittigidiyor

Happy Tech Recruiters

Our tech recruiters were spending significant time with initial steps of screening and sometimes all efforts were ending up with a  restart causing frustration ampng the team. After Coensio, our recruiters are now able to spend quality time with pre-assessed candidates in accelerated mode and increased conversions. They are more motivated and targeted , thanks to Coensio

Gizem Aydın Enişte
Head of People, Softtech Ventures

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